Clean Air by Design!

We believe that the most important aspect regarding technologies that protect people and the environment is accessibility. We make clean air more accessible to businesses, educational institutions and OEMs by providing the most innovative, yet affordable products with the best customer service possible.



w/ budget blower

Space saving, brushed blower.



w/ digital blower

Space saving, digital blower.


w/ budget blower

Commercial capacity, 1 brushed blower.



w/ digital blower

Commercial capacity, 1 brushless blower.



w/ digital blower

Commercial capacity, 2 brushless blowers for more flow.


Modularity makes everything easy


If necessity is the mother of all invention, then in the fume extraction world, our desire to make clean air more accessible is the father. Designing, manufacturing and supporting machines that are easier to use, have higher reliability, and have greater filtration capacity, all at more affordable prices, is our strength. Contact us if you need a fume extractor that embodies those qualities for your custom application.

  • Positive pressure CTP air purifier

    We introduced the first system that maintains a pure environment for Computer to Plate (CTP) printing processes. The device maintains a dust free environment by pressurizing the internal imaging environment offering improved print quality and reduced need for maintenance. We supplied custom versions to OEMs such as Fujifilm Imaging, Heidelberg, AGFA and more.

  • Positive pressure proofing system humidifier/purifier

    Designed for the Fuji FinalProof, it was the first system to combine humidification and purification within a proofing machine. It allowed Fujifilm to offer superior print quality and reduced need for maintenance. The innovative device is the only purification/humidification system approved by Fujifilm.

  • Self-cleaning laser fume extractor

    Designed for Presstek, a fume extractor with easily accessible blowers, electronics and patented self-cleaning filter system (Novel use of sub-woofer to generate dust-blasting vortex rings), resulting in a fully user maintainable machine.

  • Source Capture for Large Format Printers

    World's first system to allow printing in places that were once considered ‘off-limits’ such as malls and commercial office spaces. Featuring a fume hood custom fit to virtually all printers. With this system, we became the preferred supplier for corporations such as Colorspan, Vutek/EFI, Mutoh and Seiko.

  • Filtrabox 4 Boss Laser

    Boss Laser provided PAT unfettered access to their laser platforms and expert laser engineering staff in a collaborative effort to develop the optimised Boss Laser/Filtrabox fume extractor.

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